From utility vehicles to trucks and for all plant and equipment, we will design, manufacture and fit a perfect ROPS/FOPS solution. We also undertake all type of ROPS/FOPS repairs and re-certifications, and custom vehicle body-building.

heavy vehicle repairs and forklifts

Our Services

Truck Fops and Rops

ROPS (Roll over Protection System) & FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures) are engineered safety units installed onto vehicle chassis. Manufacturing and installations...

Truck Bodies & Modifications

ROPSWEST's custom-built bodies are all constructed to the highest quality standards to cope with the harsh environment that many of these vehicles operate in. Trucks, Utes...


ROPSWEST has vast experience in the fabrication of tanks for the safe storage and transportation of various liquids, including water, diesel, hydraulic fluid, ad-blue and more.

Repairs and recertifications
Repairs & Re-certifications

ROPSWEST carries out general maintenance on all types of ROPS/FOPS, cabs and forklifts. ROPSWEST also provide professional TIG welding and onsite certifications.

Our Clients Include